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Our mission is to remain reliable and efficient at the forefront of the Nepalese consultancy industry through quality, honesty, and hard work

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Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal
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The scope covers the supervision phase when the project is launched for its construction. The firm believes in participating in the construction process for proper execution of the design and contract administrations in regard to quality management and to bring out the actual structure in compliance with the drawings and documents.

Core Work

DRMS has a tradition of fine performance, founded on a commitment to performing consultancy within budget and according to specifications. The Company has established itself as one of the regarded companies by continually improving the quality of its work product and opportunities that are available for our employees.

The desire and commitment to improve on everything we do here is of the utmost importance to DRMS. This unwavering dedication towards progression is what broadens the focus of our business and allows our employees to thoroughly examine every aspect of their performance at DRMS.

Through this process, we remain steadfast in our tradition to deliver superior performance, attention to safety issues, satisfaction to our customers and fulfillment for our employees.

Key Organizational Value


We have been accepted by the consultancy industry as a trustworthy business by being consistently associated with integrity, high standards and quality of service and personal attention to clients.


We recognize that our primary asset is our people, and that a truly successful company needs to be a rewarding work environment for its staff.


We strive for solutions that best achieve our client’s needs and goals. Our staff’s ability and commitment to finding these solutions is what distinguishes us. We provide consistent personal and individual attention to all our clients.

Industry Benefits

Its a joyful feeling to share the benefits among all industries we work with. We do our works with some of the top priorities which we follow in every step of our activities.

We help in sustainable development of remote area in Nepal. With the optimum utilization of local resources and man power with concern to provide no harm to the local ecosystem

Safety is one of the highest priorities within us. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them.

Research and decision sciences papers on sustainability and green industry. we try to take out the best from available resources.

Research and identify resources and their optimum utilization and model manufactures resource flows. get the best out of what you have and what you want.